Kevin Huynh

I am a UX designer who crafts intuitive experiences through User Interactions and Visual Design. I am curious by nature and exhilarated to work with other designers.

UX / UI Designs

Longo's Capstone Project

Humber students, partnering up with Longo's improve the quality shopping experiences.

Virtual Event

Worked with a team of amazing folks at Design.Local for a design challenge, as a UX designer intern.

RPG UI Interface

A collaborative design project to help create an intuitive interface of a Tactical Role-Playing Game.

Visual Designs

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Other Projects

Pew pew recoil

Publish date: June 5, 2015
Anuj Patel
Visual Designer: Kevin Huynh

Pew pew recoil is an action platformer inspired by classic NES platformers like Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden. Instead of jumping and shooting your enemies, you are shooting to jump. My partner and I developed it as a side project, to show our love for video games.

Feel free to try it out!!!

Bunnykin's Carrot Collector

Publish date: December 1-3 2017
Developer: Anuj Patel
Visual Designer: Kevin Huynh

Bunnykins Carrot Collector was for a Game Jam called "Games on Demand." What separated this Jam from others, was we developed games based on ideas from children's undergoing treatment at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.
It was definitely a wonderful experience to participate so meaningful.

Feel free to try it out!!!

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