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Kevin is an Ontario based UI/UX designer and illustrator with 4+ years of experience. He has worked for a broad range of companies - from Longos to Cineplex, Puddle Shaker and more.

Kevin's signature blend of UX Design and Illustration skills give him a unique and creative output to tackle problems from a different perspective. Collaborating with other designers has brought into focus and honed his ability to understand users and create intuitive designs. He enjoys sharing his ideas and building off of the ideas of others, and only takes criticism constructively.

His expertise in UX Design and Illustration have made him comfortable to work on a wide range of projects, whether it be UI Design for native apps, crafting prototypes, storyboarding an idea, or creating impressive visuals. He always brings a quality of work and creativity that is hard to match.

Inspired by his love for video games and the level of detail required for them to be interactive, Kevin hopes to, at one point, pursue his passion and help build something for others to enjoy.

UX Design Capabilities

User Research
Users Testing
Design Thinking

Visual Design Capabilities

UI Design
Design System
iOS and Android Apps

Who I collaborated with

Design.Local (Fromally now Puddleshaker)
KenWave Solution. Inc