Project Type:

Mock Up User interface

Project Duration:

January 2021 to March 2021

Team Members:

UI Developer:
Kevin Huynh

CloudTax Members involve:
Nimalan Balachandran, Tony Ferraro, Amit Desai


Ever lost track of all your expenses, wish you had something to keep track of everything? At CloudTax, we're here to help assist taxpayers. I was brought onto the team as their lead UI designer to help with developing user interface that would allow the user to transition seamlessly from mobile and website.

The Design Process

The goal was to develop a solution to help people manage their tax receipts or documents before filing their taxes. One thing that stood out when collaborating with the other team members was "user-friendly and convenient."
The solution we chose to go with was to build a cross-platform application for mobile and website for easy transition between both platforms. It would create a piece in mind for our users, knowing their documents can be store and access at any time.

To achieve this solution, I used native components to design mockups of the Android and ISO layout. Using the native style guide will help reduce the time constructing the application and minimize the cognitive load when the users experience the transition from mobile and website.

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