Longo's is a family-fun grocery chain focus on creating remarkable food experiences with family values in mind. Humber College is pleased to be partnering up with Longo's to help with their journey to incorporate technology into their store to improve the guest experiences and maintain customer loyalty. The class would be broken up into teams to undergo a two-week design sprint to complete the Capstone project.

Project Type:

Longo's Capstone project.

Project Duration:

February 3-14, 2020

Team Members:

Team Leader: Anthony Paulin-Ferraro

Editor/Decider: Fabrizio Sacco 

UX/UI Designer: Aporva Bhardwaj, Kevin Huynh

Customer Ambassador:
Kevin Huynh


Longo’s representative: Joselynn, Ellie, and Fernando

Humber College profs: Vishaal Bedi and George Paravantes


Our first task was to document the customer journey in hopes of discovering insight into their shopping behaviors. The team and I then design a solution that would incorporate technology to enhance shopper experiences...

In the research, we discovered Longo's customers dealt with not being able to find what they were looking for and not being able to find help while shopping. The result was time wasted, which created an unpleasant experience for the Customer.

How might we statement: 
How might we......better understand customer shopping habits for Special Occasions, and how do Micro-Moments Influence them?

Sprint Cycle

The project was done in a 5 day sprint cycle, each day our team would focus on different tasks and exercise.

My Work

My job was to design a solution prior to our "How might we" statement during the development. My responsibilities were building wireframes, developing the prototype, and conducting user testing.

The proposed solution:
A Shopper application that focuses on the moment when customers need to find an item. Using these methods, we can effectively analyze customer shopping habits and make more enjoyable experiences. The App will Utilize Voice-Activated Assistants and Real-Time Shelf Monitoring to aid Users when shopping.


User Testing

When testing the prototype, we chose to conduct it in a one on one session to ensure we collected qualitative results and not rush our participants.

Result: A majority of the participants have said QoL (quality of life) features could be improved. Some of our participants had trouble differentiating which categories on the homepage were scrollable. Other QoL features included back arrows, fusing of the microphone button with the search bar, adding pictures to illustrate products, and a cancel function if they made a mistake. Learning from the data collected, we began implementing them in the second irritation.


After learning from our user test, we moved on to developing high fidelity features. We implemented the changes to our new wireframe and polished it.

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Final Iteration

After taking everything to account from our first and second Iteration, our team and I constructed the final version of the prototype with all the implementation in place.

Tools: Adobe XD

Prototype Ver 2


  • During the early stage of the 5-day sprint, I learned to utilize ideation exercises as a way to focus on the problems, to help generate a beneficial solution. For example, lighting demos and crazy 8s challenged me to think differently and come up with creative ideas quickly. Looking back on the design sprint, despite my best efforts, I felt a bit of pressure in completing the exercises in the time given; perhaps some adjustment could be made for next time to help boost the creative flow. It is possible that extending time on the specific exercises would have resulted in better solutions.


We believe that once our app is in circulation or acting as an extension of the existing Longo's app, it would help reduce the annoyance that occurs when shopping at Longo's. Our app will be intuitive to learn but enhance customer experience by directing navigation for the item inside the store, to help reduce the shopping process. It is something that our team has been working towards that projects a positive message to Longo's customers.


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